Instrument Rentals


Having the right instrument in the right size is important to you and it’s important to us. We searched long and hard to find the right company to meet the needs of our customers. There are many options available but we chose Milano’s Music because we feel they had the most to offer our customers.

They are local and we support our local small businesses

We know how frustrating it can be to be just a number in someone’s computer and to get no help when you need it, which is why we always chose to support our local small businesses. It’s good for the economy that directly affects us and you tend to get treated as a human. ​Milano’s Music has been a fixture in Arizona since 1946. They are run like a family and I love chatting with the staff there. The store is located in Mesa, which is a pretty far drive from us, however, Milano’s sends inventory our way to have ready and available for you to rent! You can chose between the economy, used, like new or new instruments at varying monthly rates. The prices are lower than all the other options out there! We’ve checked for you!

Everything is included....and I mean EVERYTHING

Milano’s has the best insurance in the business.  Everything is covered: instrument, case, broken strings, etc.  They don’t charge you for neglect.  That is covered too.  We know how it is when your kid gets a new instrument and your toddler wants to play it, and drops it….. Don’t worry, it’s covered.  And here’s the best part, the price INCLUDES the cost for insurance! Check around, some rentals say $19.99 a month but then they will add the cost for insurance.  Not Milano’s! If they say it’s $19.99 a month, that includes everything no extra charges.  
​Let’s say the worst happens and your neighbors dog decides, he wants to play with your instrument and it’s totally destroyed.  Just bring it to us and we will swap it out. No money out of your pocket.  No extra charge to exchange it.  

You earn equity to purchase a new instrument

Milano’s is saving you money each month towards the purchase of a new instrument.  Typically instrument rental companies will allow you to earn equity each month but it’s only towards the instrument you are currently renting, so if your violinist wants to use his equity to purchase a full size violin, other companies would have you buy the 3/4 violin you’ve been renting using your equity, then they buy it back from you at a lesser price and then allow you to use that money to purchase a new instrument.  
​Not Milano’s! The equity you’ve earned can buy you any size or quality of that instrument!  This gives you the freedom to choose, without feeling like you’ve been robbed.  

​You can learn more about Milano’s Music by clicking the button below.

​It’s important to us that you are getting the most out of your lessons, which includes instrument rental.  That is why we searched around for the best option.  Have more questions? Call 623 349-4980 or email us at  



Eastman Acoustic Guitars

We carry Eastman Pacific Coast Highway Guitars.  These guitars are handcrafted by the Eastman company who has  been making high quality band and string instruments many years before entering into  the pursuit of guitar making.  These are expert crafted, as all Eastman instruments are.  The Eastman company is known for their superior instruments and these guitars are no different.  They are superior quality at an affordable price.    Stop in and give it a strum and you’ll be sold.

Eastman PCH2-OM

Eastman PCH2-OM

Cordoba CM1 Classical Guitars

These are great guitars for beginners. They are classical so they have softer nylon strings and they come in several different sizes. Typically a student 8 and under would be on a half size (1/2) guitar while a student 9 to 11 would be on a 3/4 size guitar. Once the student is around 12 years of age, they can get a full-size guitar. These are our favorite guitars to recommend to beginners. They are a great price and the quality is amazing!
You can purchase this guitar in our store at 12211 West Bell Road, Suite 100 in Surprise, AZ. We have half size, 3/4, and full sizes in stock! Stop by today!

Cordoba Classical CM1 Guitars

Cordoba Guitars

Designed in the Spanish tradition – resonant, lightweight and handmade. Varying from 1/4 to full size and with many color, tonewood, style and cutaway/electric options.

Cordoba Soprano Ukuleles

Cordoba U1S Soprano Ukulele

Cordoba Ukuleles

Small four-stringed instruments with a joyful sound. Expertly crafted from premium materials for comfortable playability & beautiful tone.

We carry some products in the store but our focus is on serving you.  We realize that you may need some items that we do not have on hand.  Although we can order the supplies you need, we understand that Amazon has a quick turn around.  So here’s some recommended products from Amazon that will help you to choose the right product from ALL the products on Amazon.

 If you are considering learning a new instrument please  choose from the lists below.  Many instruments available online may appear to be a good deal but you may find that the instrument is  un-playable.  The list below are instruments that will provide quality and are a great price.  

Kindle Book links are found below

Keyboards and digital Pianos

Kindle Books


It is important to us to be able to reach out and provide lessons to those who really want and often times need a musical outlet but may not have the funds.  We have created a scholorship fund that we use to provide lessons for students who have been diagnosed with illnesses that have caused financial hardship upon their family.  These students are constantly hearing, “No” due to their illness and we want to be the business that says “Yes!”  The funds we raise through fundraising allows us to have that money available to serve those in need.  The more we sell the more  students we reach with the healing power of music!